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Distortion Effect Tegan Ollett

Distortion Effect

2018, Ulysses Dancers, Riverway Arts Centre, Townsville

A comment on the constant over-editing of one's self as a result of a highly text-based, social-cyber mode of storytelling, and focusing on cyber-space as an environment in and of itself. With a lack of real-world human cues and no understanding or provision for body language, eye contact and real emotive understanding, this is referred to by some as a social compensation tool and an environment where space and time loss occurs - Time Distortion Effect. This world perpetuates behaviours that are then imitated in real life, leading to a cyber migration which leaves us questioning which came first.

This work was commissioned by Ulysses Dancers for their annual performance season in 2018, presented at the Riverway Arts Centre (Townsville). 

Creative Team

Choreography, Concept and Design: Tegan Ollett
Dancers: Ulysses Dancers (Cassie Steen, Katie Grice, Zai Calliste, Monique Davey, Lucy Fagez, Grace Khong, Elise Lefevre, Maya Miller, Dane Reid, Sarah Ruddell, Lauren Sowter, Gabriela Walker, Zai Calliste, Maya Miller, Gabriela Walker, Amy Bragg, Freya Boggild, Ashleigh Kerber, Emily Nelson, Denby O’Keefe, Charlotte Ruddell, Isabelle Spanswick)
Sound: Atticus Ross and Trent Raznor (Pre Recorded)
Costumes: Jane Pirani
Lighting Design: Alex Maloney and Andre Reynaud
Production Manager: Andre Reynaud

Images: Jane Pirani

Distortion Effect Tegan Nash Ollett
Distortion Effect Tegan Nash Ollett
Distortion Effect Tegan Nash Ollett
Distortion Effect Tegan Nash Ollett
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