This Feast of Ours - In Development

2018, Showing at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne 

This Feast of Ours is a performance installation developed in response to the increasing disconnect with traditions of making across our global community. The work is an invitation; a visual and participatory feast of making, accompanied by synthesised, industrial sound by producer Isadorè. Encouraged into a place of reflection, the audience is asked to consider their relationship to products, making and all the things that encourage us to feel good - connected - and belonging. What really feeds you is 'in the palm of your hands'.


This Feast of Ours was initially developed during the 2018 Emerging Cultural Leaders Program at the Footscray Community Arts Centre and presented as a work in progress showing as part of the program's showcase event.


Creative Team

Choreography, Concept and Design: Tegan Ollett

Sound design: Isadoré

Images: Jaqueline Dixon