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Permeate Tegan Ollett


2017, Theatre Works, Melbourne

Permeate, through a range of physical experiments, explores ideas of unified experience; of the dispersion of energy at an anatomic level; of tangible connection and disconnection; it promotes and foregrounds our ability to respond with and to one another via energy transfer and the visualisation of collective experience. Mostly, it is about our intrinsic ability to connect energetically, that clarifies and empowers our experiences.


Commissioned by The Space Dance and Art Centre, presented at Theatre Works 2017.


Creative Team

Choreography: Tegan Ollett 
Dancers: The Space Dance and Art Centre Third Year students
Sound: Matt Elwin and Tegan Ollett 
Projection: Yelda Karan
Lighting: Ariel Bud



Permeate Tegan Nash Ollett
Permeate Tegan Nash Ollett
Permeate Tegan Nash Ollett
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