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Twilight Dancenorth Tegan Nash Ollett

Twilight - Sensing Sky

2016, Jezzine Barracks, Townsville

Twilight was conceived and directed by Cheryl Stock, in collaboration with musical director and composer Ng Chor Guan from Malaysia. Twilight was created to celebrate Dancenorth’s 30th Anniversary.


Twilight was a multi-site project which saw audiences “explore” the environs of Townsville’s Jezzine Barracks area by moving with the performers in a guided ‘promenade’ event. Spectators moved around and through the individual sites in a dusk to dark dance and music journey along the winding pathways of Jezzine Barracks, to celebrate its special magic at the twilight hour. The project featured 130 performers from the Townsville community in ten short performance episodes across ten sites, including a choreographed response Sensing Sky by Tegan Ollett performed with Shaughn Pegeraro.


Twilight won the 2016 Australian Dance Award for Community Dance

Images: Amber Haines (top) Ashleigh McLellan (bottom)


Twiligh Sensing Sky Tegan Nash Ollett
Twilight Dancenorth Tegan Nash Ollett
Twilight Dancenorth Tegan Nash Ollett
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