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Presented by Live Art Benalla, Under the deck at Benalla Art Gallery

SURFACE is a new collaborative performance work by cross-disciplinary, Queensland-based visual artist Zoe Porter.

Theatrical live painting, sound, and morphing bodies take us on a journey to somewhere new yet familiar. A reawakening of the senses and emerging from isolation. From very small detail to the expansive potential of finding space again, this multidisciplinary performance experience invites us to rediscover our environment and the new forms and shapes this may take.


Creative Team

Live Painting, Costume, Director: Zoe Porter

Producer, Co-director: Tegan Nash Ollett

Performers and Choreographers: Tegan Nash Ollett (Dance) and Molly James (Circus)

Sound: Exploko

Promotional Video by Andrew Donaldson

Images: Cassandra Briggs Photography

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